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Hi, my name is Valerie. I am 18 years old and reside in New Jersey. I love the soap opera Passions. I am a big Ben Master's fan and Julian is my favorite character on the show. His role makes the show funny and interesting. One day while I was surfing the web for Passion's sites, I was disappointed to find that were not too many sites dedicated entirely to Julian. Julian is a great character. He is the man everyone loves to hate = ) So if you love Julian too, this is the site for you. By joining this unofficial fan club, you are telling everyone that you are a Julian Crane fan. Your name and screen name will appear on this list so you can contact and be contacted by other Julian fans. This site is very new, but once I get it all together there will be weekely chats held about Passions and Julian and you will also periodically receive pictures and news about Julian/Ben Masters. So what are you waiting for? Just e mail me: and tell me your name (first names only are fine if you prefer) and location and I will add you to this list. C'mom, let's show everyone how many Julian fans are out there!

To join, e-mail me:

Ben Masters works hard to make this great show for us to enjoy. He deserves our support.


1. Valerie Tandoi, Mount Laurel, NJ, president & founder of this site/unoffical fan club

2. Maggie, Moonachie, NJ

3. Regina, Mount Laurel, NJ

4. Steven Gilley, Atlanta, GA

5. Matt, NYC, NY

6. Brittany, Ohio