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Clarissa Morton was a member of Ivy's sorority back in college. Clarissa was origionally engaged to Johnathan Hotchkiss, but Rebecca stole him away from her. After Johnathan's and Clarissa's break up, Clarissa showed signs that she was intrested in the young, rich and handsome Julian. Julian was a attracted to Clarissa too. She possessed his love of money and power. However, Alistar forced Julian to marry Ivy, so Julian and Clarissa never got together.

Eve Russell is now a respected doctor in Harmony. When Eve was a young woman she sang in jazz clubs while attending college. Julian spotted her on stage and was immediately attracted to her. The young, naive Eve began to have an affair with Julian that resulted in a child.To this day Eve hates Julian, but Julian still is attracted to her. As if that wasn't enough, Eve ended up marrying T.C. Russell, an ex-tennis player who is Julian's archenemy.

Ivy Winthrop Crane is the daugther of a wealthy owner of a large company. When Ivy's father's business was in danger and Alistar needed boats for his company the men decided their children would marry so the businesses could merge. At first, Ivy didn't want anything to do with Julian because she was in love with Sam Bennett. However, Ivy's father sent Sam away on a fishing boat and hid love letters that Sam wrote to Ivy. Feeling sad and alone Ivy started to date Julian and eventually became excited about marrying him. Ivy soon found out that Julian only married her to please his father, but she stayed married to him anyway because she was carrying her first child, which was really Sam Bennett's son. She thought that raising Sam's child as a Crane would provide her son with the money and opportunity he deserved. 20 something odd years later, the truth about Ivy's first born son, Ethan, was announced to everyone during a tabloid scandal. Ivy is technically divorced from Julian, but is fighting to keep her place in the mansion. Ivy and Julian hate each other equally.

Suzanne is a former young Crane maid. While she was working for the Cranes, Julian took a liking to her and began to have an affair with her. He would take her away on expensive vacations to Bermuda. Ivy knew Julian had affairs, but she didn't mind as long as she got to keep the Crane name and money. Julian hasn't seen Suzanne since the fateful day Theresa showed up down in Bermuda.

Rebecca was married to Johnathan Hotchkiss for years. Although Johnathan was rich and powerful, his fortune was a pitance compared to the amount of money the Cranes have. Rebecca's origional plan for her cut of the Crane fortune was to have her daughter, Gwen, marry Ethan Crane, Julian's son. When it came out that Ethan wasn't a Crane, but rather the son of the town police cheif, Rebecca needed a new scheme. Luck was on her side when Julian, upset that he was lied to about Ethan being his son, decided he would soon divorce Ivy. Rebecca had no problem moving in on the husband of her former school mate. She would parade around the house and seduce Julian even while Julian and Ivy were still married. She even had the nerve to redecorate the mansion while Ivy was still living in it. Rebecca was on the verge of marrying Julian, when Julian went away to Bermuda and ended up sleeping with and marrying Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Ethan's former fiance. Rebecca thought Julian and Theresa's marriage had been anulled and had her own wedding with Julian, but it turns out that Theresa was pregnant making the annullment invalid. As of now Rebecca is technically single with no real husband or source of money. Julian is very much attracted to Rebecca, but will Rebecca's sneaky ways and sexy games be enough to take Julian's attention way from his 'hot tamale' Theresa?! We'll just have to wait and see.

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is totally and completely in love with Ethan Winthrop(formerly,known as Ethan Crane, the Crane heir). When the news came out about Ethan's paternity, Ethan was kicked out of the Crane family. Theresa flew down to Bermuda to talk to Julian, hoping she could convince him to take Ethan back into the family. Julian, who thinks very highly of himself, assumed that Theresa was there 'to be with him', not just to talk to him. When Theresa seemed to resist, Julian broke out champagne hoping the tipsiness would make her more relaxed. Julian went overboard with the liquor and Julian and Theresa ended up getting married and sleeping together while they were drunk. Theresa wanted the marriage anulled immediately, but that was impossible when she realized she was pregnant. Theresa has now given birth to Ethan Martin Crane, the new heir to the Crane fortune. As of now, Theresa is still the legal Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa has no feelings for or attraction to Julian. She never stopped loving Ethan and only slept with Julian because she was too drunk to know what she was doing. She loves her baby, but other wise regrets the whole situation. Julian on the other hand is thrilled he is married to Theresa. So what happens now? Will Theresa stay Mrs. Julian Crane to spite Rebecca and keep the fortune? Will Theresa get divorced as soon as possible to be with Ethan? Will Julian attempt to keep Theresa? Will Alistar want Julian to keep Theresa? Will Alistar want Theresa terminated? Or maybe even something else? It's too early to tell we'll just have to watch.