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Like a fine wine, he only gets better with age

Name: Julian Crane

Location: Harmony, a quaint New England town

Marital Status: Currently and legally, the delicious Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, but that could change at any time

Hobbies: Drinking, Women, Lavish Parties, more Drinking, more Women, Smoking Cigars, Plotting to destroy people, followed by some more drinking and more women.

Occupation: Proving to his father that he can handle taking over Crane Industries

Parents: Alistar Crane and Katherine Barrett Crane (deceased)

Siblings: Sheridan Crane

Personal Quote: "Cranes get what they want, when they want it. A Crane never loses."

Julian's Likes:

Women- especially Theresa & Rebecca

Liquor- preferably brandy and those mysterious martimi's

Expensive Cuban Cigars

'Bedding' a new woman

When things go as planned

NOT getting caught

Having Power


Julian's Dislikes:

The remainder of the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, especially Luis

Looking like a coward in front of Alistar

When things don't go his way

Cheap resturants like The Loster Shack

T.C. Russell

The fact that Ivy lied to him about Ethan